Dissolve Stock Footage

The Grammable Bistro 

Dissolve Stock Footage provides high-end, seriously sexy stock footage for films, TV shows, commercials, and online content. With a vast library of footage, and over 1.5 million video clips, including 4K and HD footage, aerials, time-lapse, and motion graphics, you've likely seen their work on everything from Netflix to the news. But, unlike their competitors, they're known for pithy showreels that change minds about using stock. Cue viral sensations 'This is a Generic Brand Video' and "This is a Generic Millenial Ad." Dissolve's unique IFYKYK take on stock makes it a trusted supplier to creators everywhere. 

And then came The Grammable Bistro - North America's first authentic, hand-crafted gastro-photogenical experience.


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